The Healthy Deviant Manifesto


The Unhealthy
Default Reality

Dare to make disruptive healthy choices daily — even (or especially) in the face of resistance. Ask for what you want. Stand up for your health-preserving rights and preferences. Keep your wits about you, and refuse to let your healthy autonomy be rolled over by the dominant-culture machine. Remember: Health is your natural state and your first human freedom. Steward it on your own terms. 


Call out
the crazy 

Point to our society’s unhealthy madness so others can start seeing it, too. Speak up for the healthy truths you hold to be self-evident. Laugh in the face of ridiculous nonsense, even when its official, “authoritative” nonsense. When you see body-shaming, bad advice, or unrealistic “aspirational” imagery you think is daft, say so. Wave your fist. Roll your eyes. Let off steam. Then get back to your own Healthy Deviant business.


Make it
a party

Welcome, support, and seek common ground with health-seekers of all stripes. Connect with and celebrate other Healthy Deviants. Seek out and form healthy community. See healthy living as an opportunity for growth, discovery, and self-expression, not a grim battle or competition. Enjoy the process. Make healthy living a fun, open-hearted, non-judge-y gathering that everybody
wants to be at.