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Find out more about Healthy Deviance and the unconventional perspectives, choices and behaviors it involves …


The Way of The Healthy Deviant
A 6-page illustrated feature on Healthy Deviance I created for Experience Life magazine (the magazine I founded back in 2001). Experience Life now reaches 3 million people with each issue and can be found on most Barnes and Noble newsstands. Healthy Deviance is getting out there!

The Making of a Healthy Deviant: Choosing a Healthy Life in an Unhealthy World
An article I wrote for Best Self magazine in which I offer my own deviant origin story, and explain what Healthy Deviance is all about.

Healthy Deviants Know the Difference Between Normal and Stupid
A nice shout out for my work in The New York Times from columnist, author, and back-of-the-napkin-style illustrator Carl Richards, whose "Sketch Guy" column often hinges on financial matters, but who also clearly grasps how powerfully Healthy Deviance translates across all domains of life.  

Healthy, Happy … and Disappearing Fast
A brief blog post in which I offer statistical support for my argument that being unhealthy and unhappy is now the de facto norm in our society.

Reality Reconsidered
My case for approaching our current reality as a tourist. And why being out of sync or ahead of the curve is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, you might just wear it as a badass badge of courage.

My "Revolutionary Acts" Columns
A collection of more than 35 of my "Revolutionary Acts" columns (each one explores on of the "101 Revolutionary Ways to Be Healthy") plus other writings I've done for Experience Life magazine over the years). 

The Healthy Deviant — a Summary
A great round-up of some of the key points in a keynote I gave at the Ancestral Health Symposium in New Zealand in October, 2017. Fun to see it collected this way (by Anna of, who evidently has terrific note-taking abilities!), and I'm so glad it hung together as well as it did! 

The Way of The Healthy Person
This is a seminal piece I wrote back in 2006 when I was first digging into some of the core concepts behinds Healthy Deviance, before I launched the project (see below).

Being Healthy Is a Revolutionary Act: Renegade Perspectives for Thriving in a Mixed Up World
Here's the 2010 feature that launched a lot of my thinking about Healthy Deviance, including my Manifesto for Thriving In a Mixed Up World, the "101 Revolutionary Ways to Be Healthy" mobile app, and my "Revolutionary Acts" column, all of which I created in partnership with Experience Life magazine and Life Time — The Healthy Way of Life Company. 

Well, That's Different
An oldie but goodie via my editor's column in Experience Life magazine, in which I make my case for being as bold and “different” as you wanna be. I also share my pitch for one of my favorite Renegade Rituals: Ultradian Rhythm Breaks (or URBs, as I call them).

Audio & Video

Audio: Welcome (Freak)
The very first episode of The Living Experiment podcast, in which Dallas Hartwig and I discuss the radical realities of being healthy in an unhealthy world. We also share our own “freak” (i.e. Healthy Deviant) stories.

Audio: Healthy Deviance
An episode of The Living Experiment podcast in which Dallas and I explore the concept of Healthy Deviance. I outline what I see as its Core Competencies and Backbone Practices.

Audio: Healthy Deviance with Pilar Gerasimo
An episode of the Phoenix Helix Podcast in which I'm interviewed by auto-immune health advocate Eileen Laird about my personal health journey and what I see as the essence of Healthy Deviance.

Audio: Being Healthy Is a Revolutionary Act
A fun podcast interview with Functional Medicine physician and author Amy Myers, MD, in which we cover the territory of health as a deviant series of choices and acts, and talk about why shifting our approach to healthcare has to be part of that effort.

Audio: Healthy Living in an Unhealthy World
I'm interviewed by Robyn O'Brien and Ashley Koff, RD, on their forward-thinking podcast, Takeout With Robyn and Ashley. We talk about what led me to start Experience Life magazine and, and we talk about the importance of challenging status-quo choices and the art of overcoming our culture's unhealthy pressures to conform. 

Video: How to Be Healthy In an Unhealthy World 
A 2013 one-hour video course featuring some early Healthy Deviant insights and my Top 10 Tips for Being Healthy In an Unhealthy World (produced in partnership with my friend Brian Johnson's Academy for Optimal Living). 

Video: 10 Revolutionary Ways to Avoid Getting Sick, Fat and Depressed
A 2013 video interview via Jonathan Bailor — part of his Entheos Calorie Myth Summit — in which I lay out some essentials of Healthy Deviance in the context of the work I originally shared via 

Video: My "Fat Summit" Interview with Mark Hyman, MD
Functional Medicine pioneer Mark Hyman interviews me about the role the conventional mass media plays in confusing health-seekers about dietary fat, often in the name of profit. I share insider insights on where the media is leading people astray, and why developing both your Healthy Deviant BS-detection and media-literacy skills is essential to your wellbeing.




Quiz: Are You a Healthy Deviant?
My little three-minute quiz that gives you a sense of where you fall on the Healthy Deviant spectrum.

Mobile App: 101 Revolutionary Ways to Be Healthy
A fun "101 Revolutionary Ways to Be Healthy" interactive infographic, also available as a free mobile app for iOSAndroid and Kindle (the app features links to related Experience Life articles so you can dig deeper and learn more).

Facebook: Healthy Deviant Page
A developing collection of related resources, plus an opportunity to connect with other Healthy Deviants and stay up to date as my book-writing journey unfolds. 

Real life: Talk to Me
Questions? Ideas? Offers of help? Want me to come give a Healthy Deviance talk or consultation for your team or organization? Contact me or connect via my social channels, below. 



I give a variety of fun, thought-provoking (and according to some, life-changing) talks on Healthy Deviance. They range from 15 to 90 minutes, depending — with or without slides, always with stories and some audience interaction. I also offer day-long workshops and weekend retreats at leading conference and retreat centers across the globe.