My "Refine Your Life" Workbook

My "Refine Your Life" Workbook

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This 58-page interactive workbook (delivered as a printable PDF) is packed with helpful exercises, original illustrations, worksheets (see samples at right), readings, and reflective opportunities that guide you through the process of shifting your life in the direction of your highest and most conscious choices. And let’s face it, that’s about the most powerful “Healthy Deviant” thing you can do!

This “Refine Your Life” workshop curriculum came out of my own experiments in personal development, and out of a multi-week seminar I developed in an effort to help people address common internal barriers to change.

The content is based on principles of Positive Psychology and supported by current brain science. Sections include Values, Vision, Goals and Action Planning, Overcoming Obstacles and Celebrating Success.

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This one-hour video summary of my “Refine Your Life” course, titled “How to Refine Your Life (or Change It Completely),” was created in partnership with my friend Brian Johnson and his En*Theos Academy project (which has since morphed into a terrific collection of life-changing content and tools at