About Pilar

Pilar Gerasimo, author of  The Healthy Deviant , founding editor of  Experience Life  magazine, and co-host of  The Living Experiment  podcast.

Pilar Gerasimo, author of The Healthy Deviant, founding editor of Experience Life magazine, and co-host of The Living Experiment podcast.


Hi. My name is Pilar Gerasimo and I'm a Healthy Deviant. 

I'm also an award-winning health journalistpodcaster, and social explorer (more about all that here, if you're interested). 

I initially began using the term Healthy Deviant a few years back to describe myself and the somewhat unusual way I have come to live. Then I started using it (fondly) to describe a growing and diverse group of others who are choosing to live in their own sustainably healthy ways, despite some very real social, cultural, and environmental barriers to doing so. 

I generally use the term Healthy Deviant to describe individuals who are choosing to pursue healthy lives in an unhealthy mass culture. (If you like, you can take this Healthy Deviant Quiz to see where you fall on the Healthy Deviant spectrum.) But Healthy Deviance can also be cultivated within families, groups, teams, communities, organizations, and the world at large.

I've just finished writing this book, The Healthy Deviant — which, for the past five years, I’ve been talking about via articles, podcasts and more — in the hope that more people will get excited about it, inspire a bunch of others to do the same, and together, we will spark a huge, fun, non-conformist movement for healthy change.

I also consult and give talks for organizations to help them spot, empower, and celebrate Healthy Deviance (and Healthy Deviants) within their ranks.

Ultimately, my goal is to make it easier for a lot more people to be healthy and happy, so we can all live in a better, more beautiful and sustainable world. And that's not really such an odd idea, is it?

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